Antivirus Evasion Course




What is Antivirus Evasion?
Antivirus Evasion means creating fully undetectable viruses for different platforms like Windows, Linux,Android etc. You will learn many powerful techniques Of FUD in this practical video course and you will see how we can bypass any kind of Antivirus with Live Proof In Videos.

Course Topic

  1. Introduction of AVS Crypters & Virus
  2. Bypass AVS Runtime using Based64 Technique
  3. Signature Cloning Bypassing Runtime
  4. Bypass Windows Defender For Lifetime
  5. Make your Stub Clean
  6. Manually Encrypting Virus using Algorithm
  7. Using Different Algorithm For Cleaning Virus
  8. Making FUD Virus Using C# And HEX
  9. Code Your Own Crypter
  10. Android Botnet


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