SNK Android Rat

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Pro Features

  • control screen (New)
  • Read , Delete Internal Storage Files
  • Download Any Media to your Device from Device
  • Get GPS location
  • Get Network Provider Location
  • Get all the system information
  • Shows all the installed apps in Device
  • Open Any Website in Device
  • Make any folder in Device
  • Show any notification in Device
  • Delete any File or Folder From Internal Storage
  • Download SMS
  • Download Contacts
  • Send SMS
  • Show SMS
  • Record Audio
  • Record Call
  • Admin Permission
  • Encrypt any file in victim’s device
  • Lock Victims Device with 6 digit Pin Code
  • Keylogger
  • Capture Screenshot from background
  • Capture Photo from Front and Back Camera
  • Play music in Victims device
  • Change Wallpaper
  • Vibrate Device
  • Turn On/Off Flash Light
  • Text To Speach Feature
  • Runs In Background
  • Support Android v5 – v12
  • No Port Forwarding Needed
  • Fully Undetectable
  • Wipe Sdcard
  • Binded GB Whatsapp
  • apk update admin panel (added)
  • Hide icon Android 12 (tested)
  • Call log Added
  • Format Phone
  • Anti-Delete (new)
  • Live screen streaming (added)
  • Acount manager
  • Fix bugs (new apk release)
  • More Features Ccoming soon


  • Firebase Account
  • free or Paid Hosting
  • 000webhost (recommended)

6 reviews for SNK Android Rat

  1. hacker007 (verified owner)

    best android rat
    i love this rat

  2. uknown (verified owner)

    this is powerful rat

  3. mk100 (verified owner)

    thank zenna

  4. mounir (verified owner)

    best android rat
    fast loading
    thanks zenna

  5. anjuk (verified owner)

    i love this tool
    best features remote control

  6. franco (verified owner)

    good rat

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